Brown girls who shout

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Whereas we write and speak as members of a small minority of marginal voices, our journalistic and academic critics belong to a wealthy system of interlocking informational and academic resources with newspapers, television networks, journals of opinion, and institutes at its disposal. Most of them have now taken up a strident…

Please Explain: To Pauline Hanson & Her Supporters

Pauline Hanson started making up the headlines for the latter part of 2016. This contentious Australian politician returned to the political arena with a bang; her party winning four seats in the parliament. Despite her misleading, controversial opinions, she managed to win the hearts of numerous voters. Trending on social media and being the centre … More Please Explain: To Pauline Hanson & Her Supporters


/ a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time / I migrated to another country at the age of eleven. It wasn’t the forgetful age of four … More Nostalgia


He has been sitting on those broken steps in front of the remnants of his heart and future which were reduced to rubble and ashes . He rests his head on his hands purple splotches scattered across gazing up at the sky which was once a canvas of soothing colours now was painted with charcoal … More Waiting

Incomplete Stories

I have always struggled with the word ‘stereotype’. As a South Asian, Muslim girl, I have a lot of stereotypes attached to the labels I define myself with. Pakistani? Conservatism. Child marriages. Corruption. Muslim? Terrorism. Oppression. Backwardness. Defending myself against these stream of names has always been a difficulty. How can I convince someone that … More Incomplete Stories

More Than A Year

It’s been more than a year since I constructed this blog. It was right after I had taken part in my town’s newspaper program for teenagers. Ten teenagers, including me, had contributed to a magazine put together by us, targeted towards the youth. It was my first extra-curricular experience since middle school, in a country … More More Than A Year

Shattering Prejudices (Two-Piece Islamophobia Writing Project)

Part 1: The Power of a Dangerous Perspective I am a mother. A mother who gave birth to three darling children. A mother who prioritises their safety over anything else. A mother who wants to protect their future from the barbarians that are threatening to leave our Australia in shambles – from the virus that … More Shattering Prejudices (Two-Piece Islamophobia Writing Project)

Coming Of Age

  “It’s the vegetable man, get your fresh carrots and peas!” The greengrocer’s hoarse voice echoed through the neighbourhood, hitting the whitewashed walls of the two-storey houses lined against the well-trodden street. His vegetable trolley gave a little bounce, threatening to fall apart as he pushed it along the road. Its wooden interiors were in shambles; barely … More Coming Of Age